About Us.

Open and Distance Learning (ODL) is increasingly becoming popular because of its flexibility and learner friendly approach, particularly to those who could not get access to the formal education: The candidates are not in the campus and they are often distributed, either geographically or temporally, and are expected to study from home, or in spare periods during their working day. These students rely heavily on an asynchronous study environment in which content is delivered through self study materials, and tutor mediated support which is normally done through correspondence supplemented with occasional face-to-face contact or and telephone conversations.

The establishment of the Centre for Distance Learning and Continuing Education (CDL&CE) was to meet the dire need to provide the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja an institution of learning whose objectives could meet up with the ideals and concept that informed its establishment with national outlook.

The Ezeilo Committee report recommended that a conventional university should be established in the FCT. It was further recommended that the CDL&CE should form a strong component of the University to carry out the functions of the defunct National Open University.

The Centre for Distance Learning and Continuing Education, University of Abuja is offering many programmes which are capable of improving skills capacity building of adult learners. The programmes includes: Social Sciences, Management Sciences, Arts, Education and Agricultural Economics. These programmes would have a bearing on national development through employment generation and production of word class products.

The CDL&CE is credited with several relative advantages when compared with the conventional face to face education. These include the choice of course of study and the timing of the study, absence of age limit, the opportunity to combine studies with other callings, the use of various devices to enforce learning such as specially prepared guide materials, radio, television, Information Communication Technology (ICT), telephone and more importantly more learners can benefit from Open and Distance Learning irrespective of their geographical spread and location. Web-based training or e-training, an innovative approach to distance learning, can be effectively utilized for delivering knowledge to individuals anywhere in the world.