There is the growing need for teacher professionalism. Hence, teachers that hold the Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE) and educational managers need to undergo further training and be exposed to a variety of courses that shall enhance their skills so that they can provide effective services. The strategic location of the University of Abuja in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) has placed it at an advantage to provide such services, hence the decision to set up the institute of Education to provide such professional training.

The faculties of Education and servicing faculties in the University of Abuja have high caliber and competent academic staff to teach in the institute of education which is functional teaching outreach arm of the University. The institute also serves as the University data bank of human resource experts in all fields of education. One of the basic claims of professionalism for any given field of human endeavor is the quality of training given its members at the various levels of preparation. Such training enables the prospective practitioner to acquire the knowledge, skills, attitudes and ethics that are fundamental to the overall public image of that profession. Teaching as a profession therefore requires a period of qualitative training both at the pre-service levels for the educational system to grow.

Secondly, the Federal Government has set up the Teachers’ Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN), which is charged with the responsibilities of accreditation, certification and registration of teachers throughout the country. To this end, the Nigeria Certificate of Education (NCE) has already been accepted as the minimum teaching qualification fort he registration of any professional teacher in Nigeria. All classroom practitioners, either in the Secondary Schools or tertiary institutions with first degrees or HND without teaching qualifications would take advantage of the Post-Graduate Diploma in Education in Nigerian Universities, before they can be qualified to register as professional teachers.


Four Year Degree Programme Part-time/Sandwich

All candidates for admission into the four (4) year degree programme in the    institute  of Education must possess a minimum of NCE merit pass from a recognized institution in Nigeria, in addition to a minimum of five (5) credit level passes at the O’ level including Mathematics and English or its equivalent at not more than two sittings.

  1. Five Year-Degree Programme Part-Time/Sandwich

All Candidates for admission into the five (5) year degree programme in the institute of Education must possess the following;

i)             NCE pass and a minimum five (5) credits level passes or its equivalent at not more than two sittings.

ii)           Five (5) credit passes at the SSCE/O’ level at not more than two (2) sittings which must include Mathematics or English or both as required by the respective programmes, or its equivalent.



  1. All applications into the sandwich degree programmes shall be direct application to the Institute of Education.
  2. All applications for admission shall be processed by the institute
  3. Only successful; candidates shall receive letters of admission
  4. All state or institution sponsored candidates to the University  shall also be required to purchase and complete the pre-requisite application forms and submit same directly to the institute of Education



  1. Two programmes of study are provided leading to first degree in education. The institute operates the first degree programme on part-time and long vacation basis. All first degree programmes in Education shall be indicated by a letter. All programmes shall be through a course-work system.

Sandwich Programme

The course work is structured around a prolonged schedule of long and short terms (per academic session) for a period of four or five sessions as may be applicable.

Four Year Degree Programme


Five Year Degree Programme